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Internet in Tenerife

High speed wireless internet without the added cost or hassle of a phone line

About Freedom Internet Service

Speed, Reliability, Freedom…

Freedom Internet offers the latest in wireless technology, capable of offering fibre like Internet speeds without the need of any phone lines or cables. Our high power aerials give you high speed and high reliability in all kinds of weather.

With our speeds offering up to 60 Mb/s it means you and your whole family can use the wireless internet to its maximum without waiting on buffering! Our high-speed secure network uses the latest technologies to bring you the most reliable and speedy connection possible.

Fibre fast, with no phone line

High-speed internet is a must nowadays simply connecting your house for online gaming, catch up TV, social networking, Netflix, general internet browsing and downloading large files. Freedom Internet recognises the need for such internet which is why we work hard to bring you the best possible speeds without any interruptions or delay. Our system does not require a phone line like most internet providers, this is because we use high powered point to point links to bring you your own direct connection to our infrastructure. We can provide fibre speeds without the need of cables running up to your home or business.

No contracts

Freedom Internet stands for the freedom of contracts, meaning you are not tied up in a lengthy year long deals. We believe that our service is so good that we don’t need to keep you under lock and key! We allow our customers to cancel their subscription with 2 weeks notice if you aren’t happy with the service you are getting.


Freedom’s team of highly skilled network wizards are constantly working hard to keep your service at its best. We know that sometimes problems do happen and for those moments we will be there ready to support you! The Freedom Internet UK team are always ready to resolve your problem as swiftly and professionally as possible. Our system is built in such a way that we can remotely debug your problem from our headquarters to see if the problem is our end or yours, it is always our priority to get you back online as soon as possible!

Happy Customers

Across our business and domestic customers, our feedback is always positive. From our friendly local support that we offer our customers right up to our high speed and reliable network.

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