• Perfected for occasional use
  • Speed is lowered
  • No long term contract
  • Installation 25€
  • Deposit 40€

Freedom Max

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Max speed *
  • Hibernation 10€ a month
  • Perfect package for watching online TV
  • No long term contract
  • Installation 25€
  • Deposit 40€


  • Unlimited
  • Max Speed
  • Perfect for watching online TV
  • Two month free
  • Installation 25€
  • Deposit 40€

Frequently asked questions

What we do is order many different fibre connections that offer be-spoke speeds and downloads.  This becomes our network backbone. With our wireless technology, we re-distribute the connection to you and many other clients, at a much cheaper price.  In other words, you will have fiber connection but for less, with no contract or need for complicated installation.

To get you connected, we require a direct line-of-sight connection from one of our access points to the roof/ terrace of your home where Freedom Engineers will be installing a small antenna.  The diagram provided is for visual representations of the description above.

With Freedom Max package, on average clients will receive between 20-45Mbps, nonethless speeds can go up to 70Mbps sometimes even up to 100Mbps. 

Speeds vary due to locations, and installation methods ( please see FAQ for community internet) 

On Freedom Basic the speed is limited to 10Mbps.

If you frequently experience speeds lower than the estimated range quoted on installation, please get in contact and we will investigate to ensure the issue is resolved. 


Yes, you can. This option is available on Freedom Max package only.

You may suspend the service at any time, provided that you are away for at least one months and have given us one week notice prio to you leaving. Reactivation of the service is free ( as long as you have informed us of your absence) . The monthly cost of the suspension service is 10€ including the IVA per suspended service (the full month is invoiced regardless of the day of request for suspension).

If you do not wish to pay for the service during the month which you are away, you will have to cancel our service and arrange for our equipment to be removed. Please be advised if you decide to reconnect after the removal of the equipment you will be required to pay the full installation costs.

If you have not informed us of your absence then you will be required to pay the full monthly costs and 25€ re connection fee.

On the day of the installation you will be required to pay 25€ set up fee, 40€ deposit for the equipment and three monthly payments up front. 

The monthly price will depend on which package you chose; either 17€ or 25€ a month. 

You will be able to cancel at any time, however, please be advised that the payment made upfront for those three month are none refundable. 

No. Freedom Internet does not provide IPTV. However, we can offer advise and assistance. 

Yes it is. On average IPTV requires 8-10Mbps speeds and our connection offers between 20-45Mbps and unlimited download which is perfect for watching online TV, frequent and multiple online use. 


Yes, you can. 

We do not need any paperwork from you to sign up.

You will be able to make payments in cash by visiting our office or pay via our webiste by using any type of bank account. 

You can pay in cash by visiting our office. We are open between 09:00-14:00 Monday to Friday. 

You can also pay each month via bank transfer, setting up a standing order or through our website by using any type of bank account/ credit card. 

We can set up an independent network for community buildings, hostels and hotels which offer speeds up to 100Mbps and unlimited download. 

What we do is install an independent fiber backbone connection specifically to your community, hotel or hostel. We then re-distribute this connection across apartments, rooms´and your premises within your building or/ and premises. By doing so we create your own independent network within your community. 

The rooms and apartments can be connected via television ports. This installation process is none invasive and does not affect the TV set up, and or cables. It is also, the best solution to obtaining highest speeds, however this method can be slightly more expensive compared to the traditional methods. 

However, if we cannot install via television ports for whatever reason, we can use the traditional installation method which requires an installation of a small access points across your premises. 

This method is more cost-effective, it can be invasive but does not cause any damage to the building.  Since we will be creating your own independent network you will also have highest speeds but they may be slightly less then if we use the television port´s. 

Price´s can vary. Please get in touch if you are interested.

  • No Phone line No Problem

    We don’t need cables or your phone line to get you connected. Since we transmit internet through wireless technology by using bespoke wireless equipment, we don´t need to dig up your street to get to you. All we do is install a small antenna on your property which connects to many of our access points and you are ready to go! That keeps us more cost-efficient and we can invest more in your experience while keeping the plan affordable.

  • Simple & Easy

    Smart and innovating technology mean simple and easy installation. We arrange a visit as soon as we can, check your connection and if you are happy and if all is well, we proceed with installation on the same day - we set it all up for you and you are ready to dive into the unlimited possibilities of internet. We do not charge a hefty set up fee as our installation process is simple just like our pricing!

  • Contract Free

    We don’t believe we have to trap you to keep you! We wish to make sure you stay with us because you want to. So we invest our time and resources into to our support system. We can promise there will be no sneaky promotions, fake prices, extra hardware costs or long-term contracts.

  • Dedicated Support

    Our customer support team are here for you! Speak to us through Facebook, Website, WhatsApp, or call us!
    We speak English, Spanish, Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian

Jane Jackson
Jane Jackson
Read More
Excellent service. They will come and check what speed you can achieve before installation and will only install if you are happy with said speed. Alex and his team come when they say they will come and are on hand to resolve any queries or issues. I highly recommend them and the wifi and TV service they provide
Jason Reeve
Jason Reeve
Read More
Absolutely excellent product and service. Alex sent his engineers over the next day after I enquired, they were very professional, they demonstrated the speed which was more than I expected. I let them finish the install and I've been using it for a few weeks now with no downtime. Alex also gave great advice when I needed to hook the Freedom Internet system up to my existing network, so after sales service is also great. If you are having issues with slow ADSL, can't get fibre, and you are in an area where you can receive this service then I sincerely suggest you give it a try.
Kot Чешерский
Kot Чешерский
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Отличная компания,быстро и адекватно,не дорого
Sandra Wilding
Sandra Wilding
Read More
I have been with Freedom now for over two years and cannot speak highly enough of the customer service received from Alex and his team. Nothing is too much trouble for them.
Rhonda Elliott
Rhonda Elliott
Read More
Have been with Freedom from the early days. Find them totally professional in all departments. They speak serveral languages and answer any questions/queries straight away. Highly highly recommended them to anyone looking for great internet provider. Thanks Alex and Team. Keep up the great work.!!
Evgeniy Savriy
Evgeniy Savriy
Read More
Рекомендую всем кому нужен интернет... Профессиональный подход, при малейших проблемах отзываются оперативно...


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